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22 Oct 2015

U.S. Real Median Wage Shows No Increase Since 2005; Highest Wage Growth Found in New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and DC; High-Wage Earners Did Best in San Jose; Low-Wage Earners Did Best in New Orleans

The real median wage in the U.S. has not increased from 2005 to 2014, falling 0.2% after accounting for inflation.  Looking at wage performance across the spectrum of wage levels, Ultra-High Wage Earners enjoyed the fastest growing wages (+5.9% at the 90th percentile) and Low-Wage...

17 Sep 2015

INTERACTIVE MAP: State-to-State Migration 2012-2013

This map shows migration trends between states from 2012-2013 based on IRS tax return data. Migration can be measured in terms of total returns, total exemptions, and total gross income. Migration flows are shown as total in-migration, total out-migration, and total net migration (the difference...